Get Grapes for Health and Goodness

Learn What Foods Grapes Are Used In

So we all know that grapes are good to simply pick off the tree and eat, but what else are they good for? They are used in many ways for additional tasty and healthy treats and drinks.


One of the main purposes of grapes is to make wine. There are two main types of wine-red and white wine. For centuries, if not millennia, people have pressed the grapes from everything such as their own two feet to modern contraptions to make wine for people to drink. Winemaking and vineyards are a part of some cultures, such as in parts of California, France, and Italy. There are grapes that are cultivated for only making the wine, while there are grapes that are cultivated to be consumed for food.


Whether you’re a homemaker who loves to make jams and jellies or a professional who sells his or her wares in stores, grape jam remains a consistent favorite with kids and adults alike. Did you get grape jam spread on your sandwich when you were going to school? Do you unashamedly spread it on your sandwiches now for a yummy lunch or picnic? If so, you’re like a lot of people. Grape jam continues to be a favorite of many grandmas, moms, and kids, selling well at stores, bake sales, or auctions.

Grape Juice

Grape juice is typically in a purple, white, or light color. Lighter grape juices have their own health benefits, but grape juice as a whole can benefit you and provide a tasty drink for dinner. Most grape juice comes from Concord or Niagara grapes.


Grape jelly is another good spread to put on sandwiches. Slightly different from jam in that it only preserves the juicy parts of the grape, rather than the juice and parts such as a jam, grape jelly is a favorite on sandwiches-hence the popular expression “peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”


Raisins are simply dried grapes. They are a tasty-albeit sticky-treat that is healthy and easy to eat. They are often sold in little packages as treats, or in larger bins for more consumption.

So whatever you do with your grapes, eat lots of tasty grape-inspired treats!